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Advantages of Choosing Chemistry


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Placement Opportunities

The following are the popular job opportunities for Chemistry graduates.
Sanitary Inspector in Hospitals and Municipal Corporations 
Health Insptector 
Food Safety Officer 
Laboratory Technician 
Chemistry Teacher 
Analytical Chemist in Food and Beverages Industry 
Chemist for Food and Water Testing Laboratory 
Production Chemist in Pharmaceutical Industry 
Blending Chemist in Food and Beverages Industry 
Line Chemist in Food Processing Industry, Etc., 

Honour for the Department

More than Ph.D Candidates Produced
More than M.Phil Candidates produced.


To educate our students to become scientific professionals with a sense of social responsibility and to develop the department into a Centre of Excellence for academics as well as research on a par with national standards.


 To inspire the students with the potential knowledge of chemistry to prepare them well to meet the academic and current industrial requirements of the society.
 to provide the students with an insightful understanding and orientation in the latest development in the field of chemical sciences.
 To train our students to competently appear for IIT-JAM, CSIR-NET, CUET-PG, GATE, SET and other competitive examinations
 To expose the students to the lectures of scientists from National and International laboratories.
 To offer high quality education through technology enhanced teaching – learning process for pursuing their higher studies, teaching, research, and careers of global levels

With a high standard for excellence in all three areas the department will produce students who are knowledgeable in Chemistry and can think critically. 
To realize their full potential and shape them in to leaders, entrepreneurs and good human beings. 

Goals and Objectives:

Graduating qualified persons who are necessary for the service of the community, development of education and industry
Providing excellence in education and an inspiring environment that attracts the best
Conducting academic and Industrial scientific research necessary to improve the quality of life of people
Contributing to the improvement of the public on the scientific culture awareness through the academic conferences and workshops
Providing the technical services in the field of chemistry to both public and private sector.

Programmes Offered:

Programme Offered Programme Name Programme Code Year of Introduction Duration of the Programme
B.Sc. Chemistry URCH 1972 Three Years
M.Sc. Chemistry PGCH 1984 Two Years
Ph.D Chemistry Ref.No.R.3/Recogn.
of Dept./2015
2015 Minimum Three Years

Dr. P. Mohandass

Associate Professor and Head
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Dr. A. Gubendran

Associate Professor
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Dr. S.V. Ganesan

Associate Professor
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Dr. S. Perumal

Associate Professor
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Dr. R. Dhanalakshmi

Assistant Professor
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Dr. A. Manivel

Assistant Professor
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Dr. N. Muniyappan

Assistant Professor
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Dr. M. Saravana Kumar

Assistant Professor
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Dr. S. Jeyasheela

Assistant Professor
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Dr. N. Arunkumar

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Dr. B. Gowri Shannkari

Assistant Professor
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